Remote Control with TeamViewer

Don McAllister


One of the most common questions I get asked is "How do you access your Mac remotely?", followed by "How do you access your friends and family's Macs to offer remote support".

The answer is TeamViewer!
TeamViewer is a fully featured remote support solution that is free for private use. It's really easy to access other Macs or set up your own Mac for remote access. In this week's show, I take you through the installation and setup, as well as going through some common scenarios. I also take a brief look at the TeamViewer for iOS application, which allows you to access and control any Mac from your iPad.
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Archiving Email
If you're like me and find it difficult to delete emails, you'll end up with hundreds of not thousands of emails slowing down your mail application.
In this episode, Todd Olthoff demonstrates four different solutions to archiving your emails.
Date: 13th February 2015 Duration: 37:07

WordPress Publishing Platform - Part 2
Following on from Episode SCOM0467 I continue taking a look at WordPress.
WordPress is an extremely powerful web publishing platform. Previously acknowledged as the premier blogging tool, WordPress has been extended and enhanced to allow WordPress to be much more than just a blog.
In this week's episode, I cover plugins and some additional advanced features.
Date: 6th September 2014 Duration: 28:43

WordPress Publishing Platform - Part 1
WordPress is an extremely powerful web publishing platform. Previously acknowledged as the premier blogging tool, WordPress has been extended and enhanced to allow WordPress to be much more than just a blog.
In this episode, I take a look at setting up Wordpress on a self hosted website using a low cost Siteground account.
I also cover some of the basic features of creating and managing blog posts and a brief look at themes to change the overall look of the website.
In next week's episode I'll cover plugins and some additional advanced features.
Date: 30th August 2014 Duration: 31:28

Scapple, AccessMenuBarApp, VideoGIF
Three applications in this week's show:
Scapple - Scapple is a great app from the makers of Scrivener - it's like a mind mapping tool but without the constraints of a fixed or hierarchical structure. Completely free form in its approach, Scapple is ideal for roughing out ideas on a huge canvas.
AccessMenuBarApp - Is your laptop resolution causing menu bar icons to become hidden? AccessMenuBarApp allows you to show them all with a single keystroke or mouse gesture.
VideoGIF - Create animated GIFs for support or just for fun. VideoGIF allows you to capture or convert any video clip into an animated GIF and share via social networks, email or via websites. In this segment, I demonstrate using QuickTime X to do a video screencapture, convert to a GIF and incorporate into a Clarify document.
Date: 23rd August 2014 Duration: 31:28

TotalSpaces2 & Screens
Two desktop utilities in this week's show:
TotalSpaces2 - Spaces are a way of organising your desktop and has been in OSX for many years. However, you may have given up on standard Spaces in Mavericks due to it's limitations and inflexibility. TotalSpaces2 could be said to be what Spaces should have been originally. TotalSpaces2 gives you back full control of managing your virtual desktops, with many useful configuration options. TotalSpaces2 finally makes desktop spaces usable!
Screens - A neat solution to control and access your Mac desktops locally or remotely using both Macs and iOS devices. With a fully featured Mac client, Screens allows you to setup remote access via its elegant UI and includes a number of easily configurable options such as Quick Connect and custom keyboard shortcuts. Install ScreensConnect and use iCloud to sync your settings and also access your Macs remotely via the separately available Screens for iOS application.
Date: 15th August 2014 Duration: 37:55

Ember & Pixa - Organise Your Images
Two applications in this week's show - Ember and Pixa
Ember is a beautiful application for creating and organising an image library. With iCloud (Mac App Store version only) and Dropbox syncing built in, it will sync your image library between other Macs and iOS devices. Full image annotation support as well as a unique subscription module that allows you to subscribe to the images in your favourite RSS services.
Pixa is another image library manager with a slightly different focus. Auto tagging will sort your images by size and colour. No library sync, but Pixa has Live folders that allow you to catalogue and update folders of images on your Mac direct from Pixa. With support for many third party graphics application file formats and robust, customisable export features, Pixa may just find a place in your graphics toolbox.
Date: 8th August 2014 Duration: 27:11

Launchbar 6 Update
Launchbar has recently had a major update with the release of Launchbar V6. Primarily known as an "Application Launcher", Launchbar is actually much more complex, and much more capable than that.
This episode is not a full review of Launchbar 6, but is intended to give a flavour of some of the new features, especially for Alfred users who are intrigued as to how Launchbar now differs from Alfred.
Date: 1st August 2014 Duration: 30:08


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