iOS 8 - #5 - Photo Management Description

Don McAllister


Photo management has changed in iOS8 with some radical changes. Camera Roll has gone (for now) and Photostream view has also gone.
iOS8 is currently in an interim phase with the launch of iPhoto Cloud Library not yet announced, and its absence is causing some confusion.
This episode takes you through the current state of photo management on iOS8 with an update of how it works at the current release.
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iOS 8 - #9 - Mail & Calendar
Both Mail and Calendar have received minor updates in iOS8 and in this episode I pick out the most significant.
One of the best new features in iOS 8 Mail is the ability to triage your email with configurable gestures - swipe left or right to action your email.
I take you through the not so obvious way to re-configure the swipe gestures to suit your way of working.
I also take a brief look at Family Sharing in iOS 8
Date: 7th November 2014 Duration: 12:06
iOS 8 - #8 - iCloud Drive on iOS
iCloud Drive opens up iOS to previously unimagined flexibility.
No longer constrained by individual document silos, iOS 8 introduces a system wide Document Picker that gives you almost free range when browsing files across multiple applications.
Date: 31st October 2014 Duration: 19:51
iOS 8 - #7 - iCloud Photo Library (Beta)
iOS 8.1 is out and with it some new functionality, as well as public access to the iCloud Photo Library (Beta).
As I only covered Photos on iOS last week, and the iCloud Photo Library is causing a lot of confusion, I thought it best to put it through its paces today and explain some of the functionality.
Date: 24th October 2014 Duration: 16:42
iOS 8 - #6 - Camera and Photos App
Continuing on from last week as promised - A look at the new Camera app as well as the new editing controls in the new Photos App.
The Camera App has been updated with some new features (depending on your iOS device) but the main changes are in the Photos App. iPhoto for iOS is no more and photo editing has been enhanced in the Photos App. You can switch between "easy" editing or open up controls for fine grained adjustments for light, colour or B/W.
The new Photo Extensions in iOS 8 also allow you to utilise the photo editing capabilities of other installed photo editors, right from within the Photos App. I demonstrate by using Camera+ on the iPhone.
Date: 17th October 2014 Duration: 16:02

iOS 8 - #4 - Mobile Safari, Sharing & Extensions
In this episode I take you through the new features in Mobile Safari.
Most of the changes in Mobile Safari are "under the hood" but there are still some welcome changes to the UI and how it works.
I also take a look at two third party extensions - Pocket and 1Password
Date: 4th October 2014 Duration: 22:10

iOS 8 - #3 - Home Screen, QuickType & Keyboards
Starting to build up some steam now as we take a look at some of the basic mechanisms of iOS 8 and explore QuickType as well as the new custom keyboard options including Swype and TextExpander keyboards.
Date: 3rd October 2014 Duration: 24:24

iOS 8 - #2 - Lock Screen, Today, Notifications,


The full tutorial covers:

iOS8 Photos App (V8.0.2)
Years, Collections & Moments
Hiding Photos
iCloud Photo Sharing

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