TIBCO ActiveMatrix® 3.x Developer Boot Camp

TIBCO ActiveMatrix, distributed applications


TIBCO ActiveMatrix® is a standards based platform for development and deployment of distributed
applications. In this boot camp, participants will acquire key skills for building composite services. After
learning the fundamentals and components of the ActiveMatrix Suite, participants work on a series of focused,
hands-on labs to implement a SOA-based order processing solution. During the process, attendees gain
important ActiveMatrix developer skills including service design, development, mediation, testing and
resource configuration.


• Introduction to TIBCO ActiveMatrix® 3.2.x
• ActiveMatrix fundamentals (develop > deploy > manage)
• Testing using built-in debugger
• Building Java and Spring based services using Service Grid
• Building BusinessWorks component in ActiveMatrix
• Routing and transformation in service mediation with Service Bus
• Using mediation for data enrichment
• Deploying and managing solutions using ActiveMatrix Administrator

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TIBCO ActiveMatrix

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Database and network design and administration, Business and administration
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TIBCO ActiveMatrix, distributed applications
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• General understanding of RDBMS • Knowledge of Web Services and WSDL would be helpful • Hands-on experience with Java recommended
Output knowledge, abilities, skills
• Describe the TIBCO ActiveMatrix® 3.2.x platform • Analyze capabilities for developing, deploying and managing composite services • Design applications using Java and Spring implementation types • Identify the features of BusinessWorks Service Engine • Build mediation capabilities for transport bridging, routing and data transformation • Deploy and manage services in TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Administrator • Appropriately configure logging options to monitor composite applications
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Business Architects IT Developers
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synchronous video
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3 (days)
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synhronous, asynchronous
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