How to live stream on Youtube

Ben Stovall, Credit: Capital Group

CreatorUp, Inc.

Have you ever wanted to broadcast – live – but weren’t exactly sure how to do it, or what tools to use? Learn the technical nuts and bolds of how to livestream anything on YouTube, and how to market your show so people will see it.
This is a short course packed with essential information that will get you started properly with livestreaming on YouTube. Learn the necessary steps to broadcast live on YouTube, how to create events that stand out, how to test and eliminate technical difficulties, how to create buzz around your event, and much more.


CHAPTER 1: How to Plan a live stream Event

Lesson 1-1: How to plan a “tentpole event”? ( 1:00 )
Lesson 1-2: How to build buzz around your event? ( 5:00 )
Lesson 1-3: How to create a video that stands out? ( 4:00 )
CHAPTER 2: How to Run a live stream Event

Lesson 2-1: Getting started ( 1:00 )
Lesson 2-2: Basic event information ( 1:00 )
Lesson 2-3: Private vs. unlisted event, and custom vs. quick set up ( 1:00 )
Lesson 2-4: Advanced settings ( 0:30 )
Lesson 2-5: Creating the event ( 0:30 )
Lesson 2-6: Choosing a Bitrate for Streaming ( 1:30 )
Lesson 2-7: Selecting an Encoder ( 1:00 )
Lesson 2-8: Wirecast basics ( 2:21 )
Lesson 2-9: Previewing and starting the live stream ( 1:00 )
Lesson 2-10: Content ID & Additional Resources ( 1:00 )
CHAPTER 3: How to Market a live stream Event

Introduction: How to market your event? ( 1:00 )
Lesson 3-1: Marketing with google’s tools( 4:00 )
Lesson 3-2: How to gain subscribers during the live stream? ( 1:00 )
Lesson 3-3: Conclusion ( 0:15 )

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