How to Make a Lip Dub Music Video

Jackie Celona, Credit: jrcpr0ductions

CreatorUp, Inc.

Learn how to make music videos lip dub style from start to finish. Jackie takes you through the entire process: including picking a song, mapping out lyrics and planning the shoot, to actually producing, directing, editing, and uploading the final lip dub music video to your new fans.


Chapter 1: Pre-Production

Lesson 1-1: Picking a Song ( 1:20 )
Lesson 1-2: Storyboarding ( 1:00 )
Lesson 1-3: Interpreting the Song ( 1:00 )
Lesson 1-4: Production Design ( 1:30 )
Lesson 1-5: Choreography ( 1:30 )
Chapter 2: Production

Lesson 2-1: Staying Organized on Set ( 1:44 )
Lesson 2-2: Camera and Lighting ( 2:00 )
Lesson 2-3: Directing ( 1:30 )
Lesson 2-4: Producing on Set ( 1:44 )
Chapter 3: Post-Production

Lesson 3-1: Creating a Rough Cut( 2:09 )
Lesson 3-2: Matching Music with the Mouth( 1:40 )
Lesson 3-3: Polishing the Final Cut( 1:51 )
Chapter 4: Uploading to YouTube

Lesson 4-1: Description and Tags( 1:35 )
Lesson 4-2: Marketing on Social Media( 1:00 )

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Jackie Celona, Credit: jrcpr0ductions
CreatorUp, Inc.
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