Advanced Clinical Nutrition (Holistic)

Tony Edwards

The School of Natural Health Sciences

A Diploma Correspondence Course of 26 Lessons.
Home study is the modern, flexible way to learn holistic medicine. No attendance is necessary.
All courses are conducted by distance learning.
This course is a must if you wish to take your knowledge to a ‘high level’ of competence, when advising on Nutrition in your professional practice
as a Complementary Therapist. The understanding of all aspects of nutrition will help you, to help those who come to you with their dietary
problems. Your clients will be delighted with the results you will be able to achieve with your additional knowledge and assistance, gained through
this advanced course.

The course underscores the basic knowledge gained in the Holistic Nutrition course and builds upon this knowledge in order to include more
advanced topics of Nutrition. This course will enable you to practise as a 'stand alone' Nutritional Therapist or enable you to offer this therapy
along with other subjects that you have already qualified in.


The Digestive System
The Process of Digestion and Absorption
Interrelationships with other Body Systems
The Chemical Actions in the Digestive Process
Nutrients and the Bio-chemistry of Digestion
Sugar - The Hidden Menace in Everyday Foods
Fats and Lipids
Protein and Fibre
Anti-oxidants and Gluten
Water Effects of Hydration
Dairy Intolerance
Nut Allergy
Vegetarian and Vegan Dietary Requirements
Dietary and Nutritional Value of Food
Diseases of the Digestive System
Diet and Pain Management
Food Diary sheet with working tips

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Nutrition, holistic

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Students wishing to enrol on this course must hold a Practitioner/Therapist level qualification, in this subject. Those who have achieved these qualifications from training establishments, other than the School of Natural Health Sciences, are also very welcome to enrol on this course.
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