Web Analytics Certification

Alan K'necht et al.

Instant E-training

What is it?

A Self-Paced, On-Demand Web Analytics Certification training where you will learn the in’s and out’s of Web Analytics through our on-demand training classes, custom hands-on project, quizzes and more. You get 12 months of unlimited access and is 100% online!

How does it Work?

Watch the training videos, complete the quizzes, and submit an independent project. You also get 6 mentoring calls (for 30 minutes each) while you work on your certification. Once you have submitted all the work, you will receive a certificate of achievement to demonstrate that you have become a certified Web Analytics strategist.


Session 1
Components of a Successful Web Analytics Strategy

Session 2
Fundamentals of Web Analytics

Session 3
Getting Started with Analytics - Data Collection Methods & Site Tagging

Session 4
Web Analytics for Site Optimization

Session 5
Web Analytics for SEO & SEM

Session 6
Web Analytics for Social Media

Session 7
Top Analytics Reports for your C-Suite

Session 8
Working with Segments on Google Analytics

Session 9
Measuring Email Marketing & other Multi Channel Marketing

Session 10
Configuring your Google Analytics

Session 11
Building a Web Analytics, Data Driven organization

Session 12
Building your Web Analytics Dashboard

Session 13
Tag Management for Digital Marketing

Session 14
Future of Google Analytics with Universal Analytics

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