Web design circuit

Sarah Hallacher

General Assembly

12-week mentor-driven course


Learn the basics of HTML, CSS and web design in your free time, with suggested weekly goals. You’ll be building personal projects by the end of the course.
Unit 1: Boilerplate Knowledge
How the Web Works
How Design Works
HTML & CSS Basics
Web Design Basics: Type & Color
Unit 2: Content Hierarchy
Basic Webpage Layout
Navigation & Page Layout
Unit 3: Eye for Design
Design Critique
Responsive Web
Tables & Emails

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HTML, CSS, Web design

Course properties

Form of education
Learning language
Software and applications development and analysis, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
Course authors
Sarah Hallacher
General Assembly
Course cost
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Output knowledge, abilities, skills
Build a Portfolio Create marketing collateral, such as landing pages and email. Layout information in a meaningful way using HTML and CSS. HTML and CSS Layout information in a meaningful way using HTML and CSS. Design sites that are both functional and beautiful. Design Design sites that are both functional and beautiful.
Career list corresponds to course
Designers looking to add front-end development to their skillset People looking to break into front-end development as a career Entrepreneurs looking to build a website Digital marketers wanting to build marketing collateral University graduates and other job seekers looking to ramp up technical skillsets
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Course time limits
Course start date
Course end date
12 (weeks)
Opportunity to enter after start
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Personal learning path possibility, course individualization
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