Child Development

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This course examines areas of communication, language, play and social learning, whilst exploring the physical, mental and emotional development of the child. Formulated to cater to the needs and requirements of those engaged, or contemplating careers in child care, nursing or social care.
It will also have great appeal to the parent who is seeking to enhance his or her awareness and knowledge of child development.


The cycle of development
The growing child
The growing mind
The growth complex
The parent, child, teacher relationship
Ethical sense

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child development

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19-25, 25-45, 45-65
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Training for pre-school teachers
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Stonebridge Associated Colleges
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Summarise puberty and the role it plays in the Development Cycle. Define the educational procedure and identify what is often forgotten in this procedure. Identify which neurons are involved with: specialist organs of sense, the muscular system and speech and memory. Explain the principles which “schools skills” are subject to. Define what occurs as a child matures. Explain what the word considerateness conveys. Identify the physiological functions that an infant must co-ordinate. Define the corpus of behaviour. Summarise what the primary susceptibilities of the organism to illness are determined by. Identify four areas in a child’s make up in which tensional activity might be perceived. List and define the phases to the dynamic which governs the growth of ethical sense. Explain how “primitive shamefacedness” might be interpreted.
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Certificate 1 Is Issued By Stonebridge Associated Colleges: Child Development Certificate Certificate 2 Is Issued By ABC Awards: Level 1 Child Development Certificate Of Achievement
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6 (weeks)
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