Mastering Web Application Development with Rational Application Developer V7.5 Training



This course is intended for developers who are already familiar with Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) Web application development, and who wish to understand the capabilities of IBM Rational Application Developer V7.5 to help you develop such applications. The features covered will include the tools you can use to create, test, debug, and package Java EE Web applications. These tools include the wizards you can use to create Servlets, HTML pages, and JavaServer Pages (JSP), use the Page Designer to edit HTML and JSP pages. Rational Application Developer also provides support for component testing Java EE Web components, the Struts and JavaServer Faces (JSF) application frameworks, and Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). Finally, you can use the export wizards to package Java EE applications.


Introduction to IBM Rational Application Developer
Java Development with IBM Rational Application Developer
Web Tool Basics
Visual Development
Create and Edit Servlets, Filters, and Listeners
Use the IBM WebSphere Test Environment
Create and Edit HTML and JSPs
XDoclet and Annotations
Automated Component Testing
Connecting to a database
Debug Web Application
Code Review
Java EE Application Frameworks Overview
Introduction to Struts
Introduction to JavaServer Faces
Introduction to Ajax
Profile a Web Application Add Security to Web Applications
Package Web Applications
Deploy and Install Web Applications

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JavaScript, XML, IBM Rational Application Developer V7.5

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19-25, 25-45, 45-65
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Software and applications development and analysis, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
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Knowledge level entrance requirements
Java programming Familiarity with Java EE for Web development (HTML, JSPs, and Servlets) Basics of XML Experience using relational databases The design-implement-test-deploy stages of application development Object-oriented design and analysis
Output knowledge, abilities, skills
Use IBM Rational Application Developer V7 effectively Create, test, and debug J2EE Web components Build Web applications using the visual editing tools Build applications in IBM Rational Application Developer that use the Struts or JavaServer Faces frameworks Perform runtime analysis of Web applications using the profiling tools
Career list corresponds to course
Java developers interested in learning IBM Rational Application Developer V7.5 Java developers who want to learn Web Application development using IBM Rational Application Developer V7.5
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5 (days)
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Personal learning path possibility, course individualization
Special needs support