If you want to add the online course to the Courseon database (step-by-step instruction)

Be registered on the site as provider of online or blended course.

Fill the description fields of online course (* obligatory fields are noted). Not clear terms find in the glossary explanation. These fields reflect the list of metadata which describe your online course. If after all any fields are unclear, contact us by e-mail contact@courseon.org.

On the end of course description enter process press a bar “Save” to keep your online course metadata in a database.

Sample of MOOC description filling for EdCrunch Award.


*)You can always edit the description having signed in the site under the valid name and the password. If you did not fill all obligatory fields, your course description will be available for editing, but won't be available to other visitors of the site.
**)For acceleration of fields filling, you can use as a template of any course description from the existing database.